Le Savon Maison

All Natural Soaps

The Homemade Soap

I hope you enjoy my handmade, all-natural products, scented with the finest oils from around the globe. They evoke images of Spanish castles, centuries-old olive trees, endless purple fields of French lavender, and exotic blossoms from the Far East.

Susan Kern, Soap-ologist

All Natural Soaps

Le Savon Maison soaps are handmade in small batches with all botanical ingredients including olive, coconut, and palm oils. They are scented with essential oils.

Lip Balms

Your lips deserve the luxurious, soothing oils, beeswax, and gentle scent of my lip balm. Come join the LSM lip balm fan club!
Bonus: None of the petroleum jelly found in most commercial lip balms!


Sweet Orange

Handmade Soaps

My hand-wrapped soaps make perfect gifts, nothing could be easier or more special. The hard part is choosing which fragrances you want.